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England has a long and interesting relationship with the sea, and those staying in English country cottages in Sussex can see the might of the sea first hand on 19th August on an Amsterdam Shipwreck Tour.

The Dutch merchant ship Amsterdam ran ashore on Bulverhythe beach near Hastings in 1749, and the tour will have experienced guides to tell you all about the history of the shipwreck. The majority of the ship remains intact, and although a large part of it is buried underneath sand, the ship is still a fantastic piece of history that you can actually touch.

As well as a tour of the wreck, visitors will also undertake a guided tour of the coastline, the 4000 year old prehistoric forest, and rocks from the age of the dinosaurs. The tour is a real step back in time that should be a fantastic way to spend an evening.

The Shipwreck Tour starts at 7pm and 9pm from Bulverhythe viewing platform, and tickets are £6 per adult and £2 per child, so for a shipshape adventure this summer get down to the wreck of the Amsterdam.