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The remnants of World War II can be found all across Britain, an event that has shaped the history of this country. Those enjoying Dorset cottage holidays this October have the opportunity to delve into the past of wartime Christchurch on a local history walk.

On 20th October, a local historian will be taking visitors on a walk through Ramsdown to see the remains of a former World War II RAF base. Find out where the heroes of the war lived and slept, and imagine what life was like when the woods were a bustling camp and not the peaceful area covered with trees that they are today.

The group will meet at Ramsdown at 11am before heading off on this educational adventure and it is recommended that all walkers wear warm, waterproof clothing and sturdy shoes. It is also advisable to pre-book, so if finding out about World War II Britain looks like fun to you, head to the Christchurch Information Centre and get your tickets sorted.