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The town of Trowbridge will be lighting up this October with the Trowbridge Carnival Procession, one of the brightest and biggest carnivals in all of Wiltshire.

The procession will start at Canal Road in Trowbridge at 7pm and the magnificent floats and walking participants will be navigating through the streets of the town until reaching Cradle Bridge.

A fantastic array of illuminated floats and magnificently costumed performers will be just some of the sights to see along the procession, and every float promises to offer something quite spectacular. Previous years have seen brightly illuminated Egyptian, candy and fairy themed floats, adorned with lights and dancers.

Anyone enjoying a stay in Wiltshire cottages on 20th October should certainly head to Trowbridge in the evening for one of the annual highlights of the area. Make sure to get there early to ensure a great viewing spot; places fill up quickly due to the event’s popularity.