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Dorset's wildlife is famous for being diverse, plentiful and thriving, and a recent survey has uncovered that it is continually getting better. A survey conducted on a Dorset nature reserve revealed that a number of species of wildlife have chosen to make their home in the county.

Surveys undertaken at Dorset Wildlife Trust's Tadnoll and Winfrith nature reserve have shown an incredible increase in the amount of bugs found in and around the constructed ponds. Some of the discoveries include a rare large broadwings mayfly, the small red damselfly, three rare beetles and a beautiful but rare blue-tailed dragonfly.

Nature can be found at its finest whilst enjoying Dorset cottage holidays, whether visitors want to spend time with some fascinating apes, big sharks, impressive birds or the rarest of insects. There is all this and more to discover for anyone visiting Dorset soon for a holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.