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A well-known Dorset tradition is set to kick off May with some food, fun and a bit of knob throwing. The competitive endeavour brings thousands to the area to hurl the locally made biscuits and enjoy the local culture.

The now famous Dorset Knob Throwing & Frome Valley Food Festival will take place in Cattistock near Dorchester on 1 May. The festival, first held in 2008, was started through the collaboration of several local groups: the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB); Moores, the creators of the famous Dorset Knob biscuits; Dorset Tea; and Dorset Food & Drink. All of the groups work in partnership in supporting this unique event.

As many as 5,000 people were estimated to have attended last year's festival. Event organiser Nigel Collins said he came up with the throwing portion of the event after seeing a similar contest using Yorkshire puddings. Competitors have been throwing the knob since 2012, and currently, the record throw is 29.4m by Dave Phillips in 2012.

“The knob-a-thon is a lot less strenuous than anything athletes such as Jessica Ennis-Hill or Mo Farah might compete in, but it involves taking part in at least five knob games,” Collins told the BBC.

The competitive events involve more than just knob throwing. To enjoy the day, you can partake in knob eating, knob darts, knob painting, a knob and spoon race, and the opportunity to guess the weight of a giant knob.

More than just biscuits, the event also includes the Frome Valley Food Fest. For food lovers, there will be a host of local food and drink from more than 50 vendors. Expect to find pies, preserves and puddings. There will also be fresh breads, cheeses, ciders, meats, and locally caught game.

The festival will run from 10am until 4pm, and admission prices are £4 per adult. Under-12s are free to attend. It is the perfect way to help you enjoy an early May cottage holiday in Dorset. There are a number of nearby cottages to help you enjoy this truly unique Dorset festival.

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