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Dorset County Museum is hoping to purchase a locally discovered treasure so that it can be kept and enjoyed by visitors to the museum for years to come.

The Chesil Mirror was discovered between Abbotsbury and Chickerell in West Dorset and is a beautiful example of a finely decorated Iron Age mirror. Dorset County Museum are hoping to keep this Dorset discovery in the county and not have it taken overseas, so they are attempting to raise £23,000 to buy it for their collection.

The mirror would be a wonderful addition to the museum’s collection, particularly as the Portesham Mirror, another copper alloy mirror, was acquired by Dorset County Museum in 1994. Fewer than 30 have been discovered in the UK, so it would be sure to be a great attraction for those staying in Dorset cottages to see.

The museum has until the end of 2012 to raise the funds needed to buy the mirror, and museum director Jon Murden is hopeful that the “rare and fascinating objects” will find their home in Dorset, where they were found.