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Over 5,000 people turned out for the Dorset Knob Throwing and Food Festival event in Cattistock last weekend.

Local tourism businesses were delighted with the success of the festival as holiday cottages to rent in Dorset and nearby hotels were all virtually fully booked.

One of the main attractions for visitors was the knob throwing contest, which involves competitors hurling locally made Dorset knob biscuits as far as they can. This unique competition saw hundreds of people enter from across the UK, but the winner of the event was Dave Morrison, who managed to throw his Dorset knob biscuits an incredible 21.8 metres.

The rules of the knob throwing competition state that the biscuits have to be thrown underarm and that at least one of the thrower’s feet has to remain on the floor.

Organiser Nigel Collins thought up the idea after seeing a Yorkshire pudding throwing contest at a Yorkshire food festival.He added, “Most of the contest is taken in good heart and there is no food wastage. Everything that is left over – even the broken bits on the ground – goes to feed local chickens.”

Crowds enjoy a range of events
As well as the knob throwing competition, the festival also put on a knob eating contest, knob darts, knob weighing and knob painting.With the huge success of this year’s event, which saw many visitors stay in nearby luxury English country cottages, plans for next year’s festival are already being discussed by organisers as they are hoping to make it the biggest and best one yet.

All of the proceeds from the event will go towards local projects in Cattistock and other villages in Dorset. Nigel Collins said, “We needed funding for the playing fields, village hall, cricket club, and football club. We're a very small village, very rural, and we needed a unique event to get people here.”