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Exploring the local wildlife is certainly one of the most appealing things to do on Dorset cottage holidays, and now travel guide experts Lonely Planet have recognised this too.

The Best in Travel 2013 shortlist compiled by Lonely Planet was released recently, and Dorset featured in the list of must-do experiences in Britain. Tom Hall from Lonely Planet said that the Best in Travel list is about finding destinations which offer travellers “something special”.

Alongside highlights such as cycling on ‘Boris’s Bikes’ in London and visiting Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, seeing adders in Dorset was recommended as an activity to undertake in Great Britain. It may seem surprising that people would want to go and see snakes, but Lonely Planet recommend walking through the Dorset countryside in spring to see the adders, grass snakes and smooth snakes freshly woken from hibernation, a wonderful sight to behold.

Dorset’s countryside is well worth exploring on a holiday, and according to Lonely Planet, it is one of the best travel experiences to undertake in the entire UK.