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Anyone soon to be enjoying a holiday in Cornwall cottages will probably enjoy a traditional Cornish pasty during their stay, and they will now be happy to hear that they will be tasting a food item which is a favourite with comedian Dawn French.

The famous actress, writer and comedian appeared on TV cookery show Saturday Kitchen, and like every celebrity that appears on the show she was asked what her idea of ‘food heaven’ and ‘food hell’ was. Having lived and grown up in the Westcountry, Dawn named her ‘food heaven’ as the traditional Cornish pasty and said that she would like to eat it every day if she could.

TV chef James Martin went on to make the pastry pocket for her, however he added a side salad and offered Dawn some gravy to enjoy it with, both of which she said were “wrong”. A number of Cornish viewers called the show to say that the chef was not serving the pasty correctly. A real Cornish pasty follows a specific recipe, and it looks like those who will be enjoying a holiday in Cornwall are in the best place to find one.