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Anyone staying in holiday cottages in Devon will soon be able to see one of the most talked about works of art ever to be made into a giant statue; Damien Hirst’s Verity has been unveiled in Ilfracombe this week.

The bronze statue comes in at 67ft tall and is now the dominating feature of Ilfracombe harbour, and, whilst some people have voiced their dislike of the statue, it will remain there for the next 20 years.

Hirst describes Verity as “a modern allegory of truth and justice”, shown carrying the scales of justice and standing on a plinth of books. The form of the heavily pregnant woman, who is half naked and half flayed with the foetus exposed, has divided opinion in the town, with some describing it as beautiful and others calling it “hideous”.

Local councillors believe that the statue will draw people to Ilfracombe, and for anyone staying in the area it will certainly be worth going down to see and provide something to really think about.