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Cornwall is a county famed for its beautiful landscapes, particularly its 12 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and now officials are hoping that the county will be gaining more recognition as they begin the application for national park status.

There are currently 15 national parks in the country, including the Lake District, Exmoor, Dartmoor and Snowdonia. The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) in Cornwall believes that Cornwall’s beauty spots are just as good and that the county deserves this recognition.

Some of Cornwall’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty include the Camel Estuary, Bodmin Moor and St Agnes, places that are visited frequently by those staying in holiday cottages in Cornwall in part due to their natural beauty. If granted national park status, it would mean that these areas would benefit from better protection, preserving them for years to come.

This would undoubtedly enhance enjoyment of these areas as they’ll receive additional work. For example, pathways will be better maintained and protection of the land will be upgraded.