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The last castle to be built in England is to be saved from certain ruin after receiving £2.5 million of Heritage Lottery money. Castle Drogo in Devon is one of the most iconic buildings in the UK and a major National Trust site, so this grant comes as welcome news to people who have yet to see the castle.

The National Trust is delighted to be receiving the grant as it will safeguard the future of one of Devon’s “historic treasures”. Castle Drogo has suffered from adverse weather conditions, particularly water getting in through gaps in the windows, and extensive conservation work would help preserve it for years to come.

New learning and exhibition spaces are also planned to enhance the visitor experience of this majestic castle and its surrounding grounds. With some of the most dramatic views of Dartmoor available from its parapets, it is hoped that the castle will be standing for many years to come.

With this Lottery grant, Castle Drogo will remain one of the top visitor attractions enjoyed by those staying in holiday cottages in Devon, and it is currently open to tourists for most of the year.