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The New Forest Centre has plenty of events and talks going on throughout the year where people can find out the secrets of the New Forest. The special exhibition for October to November will take visitors back in time in an examination of the ancient trees of the forest.

The fascinating exhibition will explore the history of the ancient woodlands of the New Forest, taking visitors step by step through the lives and stories of its oldest residents. Discover how people would interact with the trees in bygone years, from ancient beliefs to what people would use the woods for.

The Ancient Trees exhibition begins on 20th October and ends on 25th November, with a special talk on 14th November and walk on 17th November. This special display is ideal for those staying in New Forest cottages to find out more about the history of the beautiful area surrounding them.

Standard admission prices apply for the New Forest Centre, the place to be to find out more about this lovely area of the UK.