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Businesses and traders in Bournemouth have unveiled this week that they are investing £7 million into projects that will improve the tourism experience for all those enjoying Dorset cottage holidays throughout the year.

An average of 4.7 million people visit Bournemouth every year and local businesses are hoping that they can increase this figure by launching a number of projects over the autumn period and beyond.

For the Christmas season, an ice rink will be erected in the town and for October and November a campaign called Autumn Glow is being organised. More permanent fixtures include the installation of ‘you are here’ map signs in the town centre and an extension of the tourist favourite seafront land train to Westbourne.

The plans were announced at a meeting of local businesses and a spokesperson from Bournemouth’s Coastal BID said that the town needs to compete with cities like Manchester and Birmingham that are becoming stronger tourist destinations, and this £7 million investment will certainly make visiting Bournemouth even more enjoyable than before.